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At Kathy Santo Dog Training, we have so many ways for you to become a student (aka “Family”).

We’ll show you how FUN and EASY it really is to transform your puppy or dog 
into a dog that “Everyone Loves To Have Around.”

PLUS, as a student, you’ll automatically have access to our amazing PlayCare Program as well as other VIP perks!!

How do you *become* a student?

Read on!
Group Classes
Our super-fun classes are where you'll learn how to teach your dog reliable commands, as well as basic, foundation life skills.  
Our classes include:
  • Puppy Through Off-Leash Obedience
  • ​Certification Classes (AKC Puppy S.T.A.R., C.G.C, C.G.C.A., and Urban Dog)
  • ​Canine Gym Fitness
  • ​Agility
  • ​Rally Obedience
  • ​Breed Handling / Conformation
  • ​Emotional Support Dog
  • ​Playgroups
  • ​Therapy Dog Training, Certification, and Visiting
  • ​Aggressive / Reactive Rehab
  • ​Cautious / Shy
  • ​Field Trips
  • ​Workshops and Seminars
  • ​....Plus So Much More!
And, you’ll both have fun, we PROMISE!

Tens of thousands of students have graduated from our programs with happy and reliably-trained dogs, using our unique method that’s individually tailored to each unique dog and owner team. No two dogs (or owners) are alike, and we know it!
One-On-One Private Training
Either at your home, or in our school, we’ll structure each lesson to target your specific goals.

Whether it’s teaching your puppy or dog commands, manners, or solving behavior problems you need him to “unlearn”, a private lesson allows our trainers to focus on just you (and anyone you’d like to bring with you) and your dog!

Plus, at the end of each session, you’ll receive a personalized, achievable homework plan – complete with printable resources – created specifically for you, your family, your dog, and your specific goals!
Intensive Board & Train
We know that it can be challenging to find the time to train your puppy or dog! Work schedules and family commitments often take precedence over “train the dog”.  

That’s why we remind our students that even when you’re not training, your dog is still learning

Sometimes…. it’s what you want him to learn.  

Most times, it’s not.

And that’s why we offer an Intensive Board and Train option! 

Whether you’re a current or new student, it’s a great way to jump-start your dog’s training, because…..well…...we’re dog training experts! So your dog will learn faster when we do the work!

Your puppy (or dog) will spend all day with us at school playing, training, and going on training field trips. Then he’ll have a sleepover at one of our trainer’s homes. That means that training will occur at school as well as in a home and outdoor environment, for maximum transfer to your life!
Once your dog is training with us, you’re a member of our family!
And that means you'll have full access to exclusive, student-only perks:
For many owners, leaving their puppy or dog at daycare can be a stressful experience. But that won’t happen here, because since your dog is currently in training with us, we’re already best friends!

We don’t like to brag, but we have to! We have OVER THREE DECADES of dog training experience, which sets us apart from other training and daycare programs! We’ve given our team extensive training and the know-how to keep your dog happy, safe, and having the most fun ever! We’re dog-loving, dog-educated professionals.  

And this isn’t just a job for us.  

It’s our PASSION.

Because each and every puppy/dog in our PlayCare program are current, in-training students, we know each and every one of their personalities, temperaments, likes, dislikes, and challenges. That’s so important, because that’s how we create the perfect playgroup for every single dog in our care, to ensure their safety, and the safety of our team. 

Wondering how your puppy or dog will ever get trained, because you have a full-time job and/or a family?

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of adding one more thing to your already full plate?
  • Drive your kids to their activities/appointments on time
  • Get your daily "To Do" list done
  • ​Take care of those chores around the house
Is the frustration of your dog’s ongoing behavior problems and the lack of control you have over him (because you just don’t have the time to add “train the dog” to your already packed day/week/year?) making you wonder why you even HAVE a dog?

We understand, and you’re not alone! Many of our students tell us the same thing.
That’s why we created a solution: Our super-popular FastTrack program allows our students to drop their dogs off at the school for a day of playing and learning!

Designed to accelerate your dog’s training progress by working one on one with our professional trainers, enrich his social skills, and provide an outlet for his excess energy in a safe and supervised environment, our FastTrack program is so effective, that EVERYONE wants to sign up!

At the end of the day, when you pick up your happy, tired, and trained dog, we’ll also send you a training report explaining what your dog and his trainer worked on, and how he did. We’ll also tell you which lesson sheets you should review (they’re in our exclusive online, Student-Only, Lesson Sheet Library), so you can understand exactly how we’re training him, and how you can enforce the commands at home. So whether you have 30 seconds or 30 minutes to do some training, you’ll know how to do exactly what to do!

Then, when you do have time for a class or private lesson, you’ll be able to fit right in and progress even more quickly. You may even get compliments from other students about how much better your dog is behaving!  
Student Board & Train
Treat your dog to one as well! Whether you need to board for an overnight stay, or for the weekend, a holiday, or extended care, your dog will spend their days enjoying supervised open play with friends, and their nights enjoying a restful sleep at a team member's home.

Dogs boarding with us will have fun burning off excess energy during a full day of play with their PlayCare friends. 

We believe that's a better option than being home alone with only a few short visits during the day by a dog walker. Plus, a dog who's having fun and tired at the end of the day won't be lonely because you're gone!
As another perk for our current students, we offer a taxi/transportation service to and from school, our groomer, and to vet appointments!

Our specialized transport vehicle is equipped with crash tested Rough Tough Kennels and Variocages. We treat each and every dog in our care like they’re our own, which is why we transport them the way we would want for OUR dogs. 

It’s here! A dog walking service from the KSDT team that you already know and trust. We believe that our walks are better, because we’re already part of your dog’s FAMILY!

The same intensively-trained, reliable and professional PlayCare team that you’ve come to rely on for the care of your dog will be walking your dog. And that means, whatever comes their way during a walk, they already know how to handle it. Because we know firsthand that just “loving dogs” isn’t enough when it comes to working with and walking them.

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